Chance of losing my colon?

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2021.12.05 19:53 TransGoTa Chance of losing my colon?

I’m a 28 year old male who was diagnosed with Colitis six years ago. I managed it with medication for a while, but stops the medication in 2017 and the flareups have definitely start it up, but with no diarrhea, just inflammation. Anyway, I’m wondering what the chances are of a patient being able to manage their disease throughout their life without needing to remove their colon? I’ve been told that the natural progression of the disease is to lose your colon. However, I’m sure if you are able to manage it throughout your whole life, there’s a chance of that not happening. Does anyone have any insight on this? Anecdotal answers are fine too. I’m just really looking for people with my same predicament to give me their feedback.
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2021.12.05 19:53 TouchOfGlory High Schools with prison fences

This makes me severely uncomfortable, seeing low income high schools PD and now Caprock with locking, prison-style fences. Who the fuck's idea was it to do this with everyone's tax money?
There is no security excuse that comes close to rivaling fire escape safety. ESPECIALLY Caprock, with its history of bomb threats.
In case of fire or school shooting, I want my child to be able to GET OUT and AWAY FROM CAMPUS danger
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2021.12.05 19:53 photos_bymichelle Can anyone tell me what kind of birds these are? I was out adventuring Hilton Head Island and came across these beautiful birds

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2021.12.05 19:53 Sussy-Alt Not as big a request as some of these, but would be great if someone could remove the backgrounf of this! need it for a discord emote.

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2021.12.05 19:53 BrainchildChris I SHOT A VIDEO WITH LIL UZI'S CARS

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2021.12.05 19:53 ET56uwu Hhhhmmmm

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2021.12.05 19:53 Ok-Instruction7783 Umm, I can duel wield, idfk.

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2021.12.05 19:53 Mizushima_Ren Why is Rean one of your favorite characters?

After playing through Cold Steel 1-4, compared to all the other protagonists and main characters in the series, why do people like Rean so much? As one of the people that genuinely like Rean, i can't exactly nail down what i like about him. Is it his Eight Leaves techniques, everything he's been through, or 1st game syndrome that makes me like him? Everyone else in Class 7 is far more interesting. Rean's just a vanilla self-insert protagonist who's primary characteristic is pain compared to someone like Lloyd or Estelle.
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2021.12.05 19:53 LeBoofers Heirlooms don't exist

I'm level 260 and convinced heirlooms don't exist. Ya I know 1 in 500 chance but it's rough when you have purchased 270 packs in the last 2 weeks and nothing....
How many packs did it take you to get this "supposed real heirloom"?
My buddy has 2 and rubs it in my face and he doesn't buy packs....
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2021.12.05 19:53 bluecarrot16 Blacksmith's workshop

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2021.12.05 19:53 EnderCrystal221 What Are Your Unpopular Jojo Opinion?

I am not really sure that I have many besides these. 1. Part 3 is my least favorite part due to it being too drawn out and honestly pretty boring sometimes. The DIO fight is still one of my favorite fights in all of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. 2. The Part 3 OVAs are better than the Part 3 anime as a whole. They are more to the point, have good animation, and the atmosphere is normally much darker which makes it feel like the earlier parts in terms of being horror. The main thing lacking is characterization but it is decent for the amount of episodes it has. The DIO fight may not be better as a whole but it does a few things much better such as having DIO use his vampire strength much more and having the time stop not being wasted due to talking. There is also no earrape sound every time the time stop happens so it is more suspenseful. 3. Part 1 is actually a really good part and I wish that hamon was used more widely in the show along with stands.
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2021.12.05 19:53 yesyayaya Sacramento CA

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2021.12.05 19:53 mask4000 How do I import this module correctly?

I have a repo for Advent of Code with the following structure:

Advent-of-Code |-- 2021 |-- Day 01 |-- Day 02 |-- Day 03 |-- Day 04 |-- Day 05 |-- |-- |-- input.txt |-- 
In my python part1 and part2 files I want to import so that I can use custom functions to make things easier, but I can't figure out how to properly import it. I'm currently using the hacky sys.path.append("../..") before importing so it works. Is there a better way?
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2021.12.05 19:53 evil-scholar Sharing this in case anyone recognizes the person: stolen kitten

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2021.12.05 19:53 thetnduke AMD 6800XT Fan Assembly.

Anyone tell me where I could purchase the stock cooler or maybe the connector for the entire fan assembly? The plastic connector that the wires go into not on the board but connector itself broke.
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2021.12.05 19:53 Inkblot9 How often has each team played their bowl opponent?

Part 1: Used to share a conference Three games fall in this category. By far the most played is North Carolina vs. South Carolina; the majority of the teams' 58 previous meetings came during their time together first in the Southern Conference and then in the ACC, but they have played 14 times in the 50 years since the Gamecocks' departure from the ACC, most recently two years ago in the kickoff game hosted by the very bowl in which they now meet.
Maryland and Virginia Tech were both in the ACC for 10 seasons, but met only 5 times during that span due to being in opposite divisions. Of their 31 total meetings, 24 took place by 1950.
Fresno State and UTEP were in the WAC together for 13 seasons and 9 of their 12 meetings were in that span, the rest being from 1938–1940.
Part 2: Post-1996 non-conference series Aside from the three matchups mentioned in Part 1, the most meetings between any pair is 7. In seven cases, the teams have met multiple times in non-conference play in the last 25 years – and in two of those cases, the last meeting produced one of the most controversial endings in recent memory. I will order these by number of meetings rather than by recency.
Michigan State and Pittsburgh have met 7 times, most recently a home-and-home in 2006 and 2007. All five previous meetings were 1960 and before.
Oklahoma and Oregon have also met 7 times, with their home-and-home in 2004 and 2006 punctuated by a meeting in the 2005 Holiday Bowl. Before those three games, they had not met since 1975.
Boise State and Central Michigan have met 5 times; four of those occurred from 1996 to 2001, when the Broncos were new to FBS/I-A, and the previous meeting came in the 1974 D2 playoffs.
Arizona State and Wisconsin's 4 meetings have consisted of a home-and-home in 2010 and 2013 and a previous home-and-home in 1967–68.
Oregon State and Utah State played a home-and-home in 1997 and 1998; their only previous meeting was in 1904.
Ball State and Georgia State played a home-and-home in 2015 and 2016 and had not met prior.
Florida and Central Florida played in 1999 and 2006, both times in Gainesville.
Part 3: Met for the first time in a recent bowl game Texas A&M and Wake Forest met in the 2017 Belk Bowl, while Miami (FL) and Washington State met in the 2015 Sun Bowl (the same bowl that they will play in this year).
Part 3B Appalachian State and Western Kentucky played in the 2000 FCS/I-AA playoffs and had met four times in the 70's and 80's.
Part 4: It's been a long time

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2021.12.05 19:53 Nezzsty Nice Frog Variant

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2021.12.05 19:53 sn00perz Reshiram

4482 3360 4598
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2021.12.05 19:53 g8edgrl Remi enjoying play time!

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2021.12.05 19:53 nastradinbaba ❤️ CHECK COMMENTS FOR THEIR NEW UPDATED CONTENT 👇

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2021.12.05 19:53 Bearman637 Covid brings division in the church - this should not be.

Titus 3:1‭-2 Remind them to be submissive to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good work, to speak evil of no one, to avoid quarreling, to be gentle, and to show perfect courtesy toward all people.
Titus 3:8-11 The saying is trustworthy, and I want you to insist on these things, so that those who have believed in God may be careful to devote themselves to good works. These things are excellent and profitable for people. But avoid foolish controversies, genealogies, dissensions, and quarrels about the law, for they are unprofitable and worthless. As for a person who stirs up division, after warning him once and then twice, have nothing more to do with him, knowing that such a person is warped and sinful; he is self-condemned.
Rebuke of the antivax side:
God teaches us we are to: * submit to governments * to avoid quarreling and be gentle * to show perfect courtesy to everyone. * avoid controversies
The antivax side i believe violates all of these things frequently, treating "rights" and "entitlements" as if God wrote them in scripture and commanded we must fight for them. He didnt. He was a lamb to the slaughter and so are we to be.
Rebuke of the pro vax side:

Im pro vax and i have been guilty of scoffing at the antivax side.
This is sin and im ashamed. Division over non essentials like this is the working of satan.
Understand this and work to bring and make peace with everyone on the issue. Dont bring vitriol etc.
Let us love God and love others. If the government eventually mandates it though, obey God and submit to it. For Christ said even if you drink poison it will by no means hurt you.
Can confirm that its not poison...wife and i are double vaxed Australians. Turn from conspiracy theorists. They sow discord.
Live in peace with all in love. Be blessed.
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2021.12.05 19:53 sparqco Data Package

I just subscribed to a data pack, I was wondering, I have a margin account and a tfsa, in which account will the data fees be deducted ?
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2021.12.05 19:53 lana3098 my 3 month old pup in the autumn leaves :)

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2021.12.05 19:53 WaneLietoc The WAR ON CHRISTMAS RATE is Due in a Week (That's 12/12)

Hello all!
I'm stopping by to offer a formal, rate-reminder level post that we've got ONE WEEK (12/12 at 11:59 PM) until Rate Submissions close for the War on Christmas Rate. Here's the link to the announcement post where you can find instructions on how to submit. I hope to see you there, absolutely prepared for the insanity that is to follow.
Number of participants: 17 (enlistees into the War on Christmas)
Average score: 6.479 (enthusiasm for Christmas is "wary", to say the least!)
Average controversy score: 2.313 (cool!)
Highest controversy score is 3.969 (super cool!)
Lowest controversy score is 1.506 (wow!)
People can't decide what to give an 11, with a four-way-tie, but at least one-third of the 0s have coalesced around a singular candidate.
So far, everyone has decided to submit to the one song bonus rate; I'm very proud of you all for listening to a 13-minute song.
a lot of comments are very good, very pleased with the stuff and you all make me smile :)
Use this template + link to submit
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2021.12.05 19:53 Bonna_the_Idol the chase is over digglers we got her! 😭 🙌

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