2021.12.05 20:53 ANameFromTheSuggesti NO WAY ODABLOCK DOES AN AGS SPEC ON A WAITRESS :o

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2021.12.05 20:53 EducationalLocal8822 The traits of my monsters ( and me ) (In the comments)

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2021.12.05 20:53 chatforawhiletoday How did you find Forum Birmingham night?

Really enjoyed the night, was a bit spoiled by the time it took to do anything, entry, coats, drinks. Think I have been spoilt by places like printworks, not used to busy venues anymore!
After the party was fun too, apart from spending way too much time in the holding room, not knowing it had started again.
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2021.12.05 20:53 peepoopeeo3336 revolution

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2021.12.05 20:53 Snakeado Home theather help

Hello, since blackfriday I bought ViewSonic PX701 projector and Vizio M-Series soundbar. I also have a Philips 50PFL3807F7 TV that I am trying to connect to. Priority right now is to connect to the tv as my theater room isnt done yet. How can I connect the sound bar to the tv as the aux input has a lot of static and I dont have hdmi arc.
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2021.12.05 20:53 DaddySkates New to crypto? Here is my long-ass-write-up of Top 10 cryptocurrencies with PROs and CONs for each of them so you can decide what to put your hard earned money in easier

We have recently reached over 4 million users in the cryptocurrency which is nothing short of amazing. There has been a big influx of new users to this sub and as such I wanted to contribute something that will help those who are new to cryptocurrencies to understand a bit more about top 10 cryptocurrencies by researching the PROs and CONs of each of the top 10 crypto coins. For obvious reasons I skipped the stablecoins.

Are you new to crypto? Welcome! Veteran trader with no emotions left? Welcome bud, have a seat and light up that cigar.
This took a long time to research and write-up everything so if you enjoy it, I appreciate your feedback.

Alright, bring your cocoa and get cozy, Papa is ready to tell you about these bad boys. Let's start from the top;

#1 Bitcoin - BTC
The grand-daddy of crypto. The biggest and the meanest. The all-father.

+It is the biggest and most stable crypto out there, everyone knows it and the community that supports it is the largest. Institutions, funds and companies hold BTC and the number of them is increasing every day.
+Safest bet in cryptoverse and only 21 million of BTC will ever exist. A lot of that BTC has been lost forever and as such illiquid.
+It's a synonymous with the word crypto and digital gold for a good reason. It's considered one if not the best store of value to hedge ever increasing inflation!

-Movement is sometimes slower than altcoins.
-Transactions are slow and can get pricey even though Lightning network updated is trying to fix the scalability issues at the cost of
-Smaller potential for high returns

#2 Ethereum - ETH
The original altcoin and second biggest crypto right after BTC.

+Insane support for dapps, smart contracts, defi and so on
+Good support even in dips
+Very good support in community

-We are still waiting for full Ethereum 2.0 release
-Transaction fees can get outrageous, be vary when transferring to wallets
-Other altcoins are slowly gaining on ETH in terms of tech, smart contracts and other aspects


#3 Binance Coin - BNB
Utility token that wanted to become more

+Big popularity among Binance users and others
+Fast transactions, low fees and constantly getting burned which lowers supply cap
+Allows cross platform usage with Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

-Centralized AF
-Binance is a Chinese led company which is a concern on it's own
-BNB is almost a complete copycat of Ethereum and has had very few new developments over the years.


#4 Solana - SOL
Recently Solana has shoot up the charts and claimed the 4th spot. Good base with a solid ecosystem and a bright future. Pun intended.

+Solana Ecosystem is extremely fast and efficient
+The fees are extremely low, typically costing 0.000005 SOL, or about $0.001.
+It successfully hosts over 250 applications on its ecosystem and an unique Proof of History system.

-Very centralized which showed nicely on Sep 14, when team took down the network due to technical issues. Also heard in "D in Solana stands for decentralized".
-Proof of History consensus is still in early stage of development and hasn't been tested as much. Number of validators is low and has some really BIG whales.
- Same as other PoS systems it's typicalls prone to micro transaction attacks like Nano in 2021.


#5 Cardano - ADA
Child of Charles Hoskinson which has been growing steadily despite recent dips. Recently implemented long awaited smart contracts.

+Super easy to stake it and reap rewards with Yoroi and its DPos staking buit in right in the app!
+Cardano has support for native tokens without any need for smart contracts meaning that you don't need to pay for gas fees on it's network.
+Cardano has a massive support from the followers and Charles is a very likable face of ADA.

-Recent smart contract upgrade didn't live to the hype.
-Cardanos main thing was cheap and fast transactions which many of the other PoS coins now have and more.
-Staking on Cardano is great but competitors like DOT take it to a higher level.


#6 XRP - XRP
The good ol XRP which SEC is still trying to take down and keeps failing at every step.

+Close to 0 transaction fees (0.00001 XRP per transaction)) and super low environment impact with low energy consumption
+It still has a MASSIVE fanbase despite SEC fiasco and large organizations support it
+There is a lot of talk about XRP becoming a big gaming-oriented currency (unreliable sources)

-The lawsuit.
-Big market supply that was pre-mined by Ripple.
-There are many competitors that do most of what Ripple does with better tokenomics.


#7 Polkadot - DOT
Let's Polka! Very popular crypto nowadays with their recent release of crowdloans.

+It's already solving the scalability problem faster than ETH is! Excellent transaction speed and very low price.
+Amazing support by the developers and superb PoS consensus with crowdloans
+Amazing ecosystem that hosts over 490 projects that are built on Polkadot

-Crowdloans are locked for 2 years on DOT which is a LONG time in crypto
-Same as other PoS systems, there are WHALES and a lot of them.
-Absolutely foolish system of having to keep minimum 1 DOT in wallet to keep it alive . Also not very newbie friendly due to the massive amount of options that they give to users. (You can also count that as a PRO if you are experienced).


#8 Terra - LUNA
A very hot L1 project that you probably heard about LUNA recently when it started it's rocketing to the...LUNA?

+Fuels whole Terra network and supports Terra stablecoins and payments. And Terra has a really deep wallet and they are using it to support their project.
+Allows swapping of stablecoins which makes Terra awesome for cross border payements. The Mirror and Anchor protocols on Terra are impressive.
+LUNAtic community of supporters and some big names of the industry world

-Stablecoins are not backed by cash so it can crash the price of LUNA. Regulation on stablecoins can affect it.
-Regulators be eyeing Terra like (≖ ͜ʖ≖)
-Tokenomics are sketchy and we still don't know how exactly that went down back in the day

#9 Avalanche - AVAX The fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry.

+Easy porting of Ethereum Dapps or even other blockchain to AVAX
+Good decentralisation, low fees, superb customization
+Latency or "finality" of Bitcoin is 60minutes, Eth is 6 minutes but Avax claims sub 1 second finality that is completely irreversible and has ability to process 4500 TPS!

-Recently AVAX got overwhelmed by the sudden rise of users and the fees went almost ETH levels.
-Not as many projects built on AVAX compared to others on this list and staking options are odd and unflexible. Poor user experience and newbie unfriendly.
-Some people argue that AVAX security is poor since they dont enforce shared security across the network unlike Polkadot.


#10 Polygon - MATIC
Polygon or formerly Matic is a L2 scaling solution on ETH network.

+Enhancing ETH network with its solutions = ETH with cheap gas fees!!!
+Good support of the fanbase and strong DeFi integration support
+Extremely low fees (you get enough MATIC from a faucet to perform 10 transactions!) and great TPS on sidechains

-There is a doubt that Eth 2.0 could make it obsolute (Vitalik denied that though)
-Long, long, loooong accumulation time which put off some people from investing in Matic
-Many L2 competitors such as Loopring, Arbitrum (which our moons run on), Optimism and so on


This is it guys, Top 10 cryptocurrencies summed up! I've been researching for a long time and it took a few hours to write this up and try to present the pros and cons in an understandable way. I very much hope this write-up helps you and if it did, I highly appreciate your feedback. It helps immensely with my motivation to keep writing posts like this. Any thoughts, recommendations or anything are more than welcome :)

Have a superb start of the week my people! Let's wake up into green.
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2021.12.05 20:53 440looking Some of my favorite 510s luv the white one.

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2021.12.05 20:53 Thick-Guess-2594 Avoid Voting For This Insurrectionist Scumbag.

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2021.12.05 20:53 ImportanceSilver3251 [Highlight] Boswell shanks the PAT

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2021.12.05 20:53 watan592 الوزير : لا معلومات لدينا حول خصومات على رواتب أسر الشهداء والجرحى

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2021.12.05 20:53 icweiners69 I came for the squeeze, stayed because of corruption.

Saw my portfolio down 5k and yea its not a great feeling. But it makes me happy knowing they lose more. I will ride this shit down to zero if it happens it happens.
Its just I don't need 5000 dollars. Its nice but I don't need it.
I don't need 10k or even 20k.
Millions, I need millions and thats what they will pay.
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2021.12.05 20:53 Odd_Bed8712 envoyé vos belles mère/tante/mère/cousine/soeur. On échange des photos de nos familles ou je cumtribute

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2021.12.05 20:53 rinpa23 Alert 🚨 Korina black widow video link 👇🥵

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2021.12.05 20:53 watan592 مالية غزة تعلن صرف مبلغ المواصلات الخاص بالموظفين كاملاً ونقداً

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2021.12.05 20:53 Affial And when she doesn't look you're in her thoughts, Earth-Chan

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2021.12.05 20:53 quettzcoatl How did Big9ine's beef with Tai Boujie's people started

That whole situation just came out of nowhere
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2021.12.05 20:53 MalevolentlyInformed Would You Dry Start a Low-Tech Tank?

Title says it all. I had great luck dry starting my carpeting plants and moss in my last tank with CO2. But I'm wondering if the lack of CO2 addition after having unlimited atmospheric Co2 would be fatal when flooding carpeting plants since they have to transition to their aquatic forms, which takes structural adjustments. The only time I did the DSM I had Dwarf Hairgrass and Fissidens Moss, which flourished for me.
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2021.12.05 20:53 Tall_Kangaroo6087 RedFloki stealth launched only today | Get 7% BUSD rewards for hodling | Huge Marketing | x1000 Gem 🚀

🔸 Floki has already conquered the world - Binance Smart Chain & RedFloki are next!
🔸 RedFloki is the latest Floki Fan Token for all the full-blooded Folki Vikings on BSC. Their mission is to overperform all other existing Floki Tokens and create safe & profitable Token for the Floki community.
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 RedFloki
🔸 RedFloki starts small with low initial market cap and has a chance to grow into a real chad coin - so better get your gains on time
⚔️ 100% SAFU - Buy $RedFloki and know Floki & Busd keeps your funds safe
Initial Liquidity Pool is locked - TOLD YOU IT'S SAFU AF!
🔸 Stealth Launched bots won't be able to snipe your $RedFloki
1% max tx
2% max wallet
✅ Low tax 10% Buy and Sell
1% marketing,
2% LP
🔸 Tax Fees make RedFloki Price Floor grow while simultaneously protecting diamond handed Vikings from big dumps
🚀 RedFloki has launched with very low Market Cap - this means that we're talking about potential 100X+ in profits!
So, dear Floki friend what are you waiting for?
Hop on the RedFloki journey and get your gains the Floki way!
Verified Contract: 0xfd21d67127c53e7d394555ceebe71f6737783aa1
Buy Now:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.12.05 20:53 SponsoredByChina John, I’m so unimaginably sorry...

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2021.12.05 20:53 StudyViibes Prebuild with bad cooling. Looking for an AIO that will fit this specific case

Hey guys, I bought this prebuild from best buy and have found a lot of reviews that the cooling is trash and NEEDS and AIO. Do you guys know any that will fit this thin case and will work effectively?
Link to the build:
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2021.12.05 20:53 pixarfan9510 [Carmin] Brohm: David Bell and George Karlaftis will not return next year Bowl game TBA
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2021.12.05 20:53 SS_material So uh, who is responsible for setting locations/endcaps for my holiday items that have zero locations but we keep getting more in 😭

I work in pets. Small backstock, lots of Christmas toys, outfits, and holidays treats that have no location, and when they get partially put up, they have no tags so it’s a free for all. I make it look nice, but what role is responsible for this? DBO? TL for GM? Or a different merchandiser role?
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2021.12.05 20:53 a24j Who will end up looking like this in A🅱️u Dha🅱️i? find out next week!

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2021.12.05 20:53 Beneficial-Medium109 Asking for ideas what to place here, (no statue)

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2021.12.05 20:53 xvertigox Mitrazapine 15mg/30mg completely out of stock nationwide...

I just called a local Life Pharmacy to get my repeats filled so I could go pick it up and I was advised that my antidepressant is out of stock nationwide... The only pills they have are the 45mg variant which means I have to call my doctor and try to get a new script then I guess take half a pill which will mean lowering my dose...
This shit is so fucking dangerous. I can't believe this is able to happen. Luckily, I'm not suicidially emo at the moment but man, people could really get hurt from this. I'm waiting for my gp to call me back to see what I can do but the pharmacy didn't know when it would even be back in stock.
Last time I stopped taking this medication I tapered down slowly and still had ruthless withdrawals, constant nausea and brain zaps every few seconds.
Sorry about the venting, I just am shocked at the situation....
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