Superfriends Fan Art by me

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2021.12.05 20:14 jacknapierlauching Superfriends Fan Art by me

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2021.12.05 20:14 julienderson Naughty Shiba token on Binance Smart Chain.

Naughty Shiba is the latest and funniest memecoin to grab what’s turning out to be a BULL RUN of BSC Doge tokens by the horns (with its cute little paws), and today’s announcement is another chance to get in early if you kept repeatedly missing out on all the other moonshots. That should be clear anyway though just by taking a look at their website. Seriously, if you’ve been paying attention at all to what people really buy (it’s not substance) then this is an obvious winner. Naughty Shiba launches in about 1 week, you are not late at all! Right now they are hosting an airdrop for Telegram members. Join the Telegram group before the airdrop ends. Just think about the name. It’s the kind that Elon won’t be able to resist, and that seems to matter more than use cases these days.
10% fee on each transaction
1% of the fee redistribute tokens to everyone who holds Naughty Shiba.
1% of the fee goes in to random giveaways to holders
8% of the fee goes in to the liquidity pool.
Total supply : 1 Quadrillion
Marketing : 5%
Website: Telegram: NaughtyShiba Twitter: /NaughtyShibaBSC
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2021.12.05 20:14 orange0401 [H] $100000+ Zelle, Crypto (BTC/ETH/XRP/LTC/ETC/USDC/USDT/many more), Venmo, Cashapp, Paypal, UKBT, SEPA, Alipay, Wechatpay, Fedwire, SWIFT wire transfer [W] knife/glove/skin sales at up to 90% Buff, TF2 keys at 1.3 ea

B/O: TF2 keys at 1.3 ea. Yes I'm aware its not the best price.

Looking to buy knives, gloves, inventories, etc. Offering cashouts.
Not too interested in 5-7/Knife CHs/T3 AKs/Low tier katos/ST knives. I'll still buy them, just expect really shit prices.
Please note that 90% is really only going to be for high tier items.

I'll be happy to go first if you have more cashrep than I do
CSGORep Cashrep
Buff store link because gotrade mod requires it for some reason
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2021.12.05 20:14 Key-Principle-8352 Pokud na covid zemře neočkovaný, může si za to sám.

Pokud na covid zemře neočkovaný, může si za to sám.
(Neočkovaný sedmdesátník má 7x větší šanci skončit na JIP)
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2021.12.05 20:14 TailorElectrical går det att ta med bong från USA?

ska åka på semester till LA under sportlovet och undrar om man kan ta med det tillbaka till Sverige. Ser scannern en bong?
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2021.12.05 20:14 TruMiner There is a milestone to craft items, but there isn't a crafting tab in your inventory. Am I missing something?

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2021.12.05 20:14 mmprecisionpainting Toni 2 raw score to iq???

What would a 54 raw score be for a 43 year old on toni 2???
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2021.12.05 20:14 Warblefly41 Vic Viper can't get a girlfriend (x-post from /r/Mahouka)

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2021.12.05 20:14 TodayOnVinyl You’ve heard of Elf on a Shelf, now get ready for…

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2021.12.05 20:14 jjpowerpaw Time of the day you take prozac

Do you notice prozac works better when taken in the morning than taken at night?
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2021.12.05 20:14 game0234 A Total War Saga: TROY - Ultimate Edition

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2021.12.05 20:14 Drexlore [Fortuna] If Dan Radakovich leaves Clemson, expect the Tigers to promote deputy AD Graham Neff to AD shortly afterward.
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2021.12.05 20:14 Cali_Guy93 Who wants to go on a date? 😉

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2021.12.05 20:14 Pprrooddiiggyy Loyal fans

Whats the diffrence between the 1-10-1 lions fans and the 2-10 Texans fans ?
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2021.12.05 20:14 V_L_A_D_E Next event (donuts)

How many donuts should I keep for the next Christmas event. I already have God so count him out.
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2021.12.05 20:14 WingedSpawn Now live on Twitch

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2021.12.05 20:14 billy26111 Ass

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2021.12.05 20:14 pesochrisss WFL QUICK

me: NFR Frost Dragon them: FR Giraffe, MFR Kangaroo, 3 NFR Kitsunes
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2021.12.05 20:14 rhiwhfei the diamond minecart showcased the new firefly mob

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2021.12.05 20:14 Ok-Investigator-6245 Leopard gecko calcium !!!help please!!!

I’ve had my leopard gecko for about 10 months now, and I realized I haven’t been giving him enough calcium. I have given it to him sporadically and didn’t know how serious it would be for him to not be getting enough. He always eats ok and seems alright but seems weak in his limbs recently and it’s affecting his walking. Nothing extreme, he seems healthy otherwise but after reading up on it, I put a calcium dish in his tank. He started licking it up but I worry he will eat too much since he has been deficient in it. So I removed it quickly after and just let him eat a little of it. Should I stick to dusting his crickets, and how often should I be giving it to him? I’ve heard a lot of people say weekly but will he need it more often in helping his strength? I feel horrible not knowing this until I saw signs in his health because I have been very on top of it and on schedule in every other aspect of taking care of him. He seemed to be eating it up quickly as I assume he knows he needs more calcium. I’m worried he may have eaten too much at once but I did remove the bowl really quickly. I can’t believe after I have read so much about gecko care and tried my best to take care of him I could’ve missed something so important to his health.
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2021.12.05 20:14 MindofLogic23 Going to have to wait for 269,420 now

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2021.12.05 20:14 Ohlolwhat23 Nick Fuentes vs Sydney Watson (con. Aussie) on women

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2021.12.05 20:14 coljavskiyi ✊ Medabots ✊ Officially Launching Now on BSC Pad ⭐ Mobile Game & NFT Game of the Year | Millions of Fans Globally | Play to Earn | Fully Doxxed Team | AAA Devs.

⚔️$MEDA is a new cryptocurrency that gives videogame users the ability to manage their virtual in-game goods! Not only will the token be the native currency of the Medabots NFT Marketplace, there are many other use cases as outlined below:
1: Purchase in-game items and physical Medabots merchandise
2: Use to enter live tournaments and earn tokens. Ability to use Medacoin tokens to enter wager matches!
3: Mint your own Medapart NFTs!
4: Earn coins by referring friends
5: The same MEDACOIN tokens can be used in/transferred to all future games
☄︎ MEDABOTS (single & multiplayer) will be launching on iOS & Android in Q4 2021. In 2022 Medabots will then launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. The team even has plans in the future to create Medabots action figures and a movie!
☑︎100,000,000 (100M) supply
☑︎40% allocated for project launch
☑︎15% reserved for staking rewards
☑︎10% allocated to research and development (R&D)
☑︎10% allocated to marketing
☑︎10% for core team member sales
☑︎5% Tax on all transactions added to Liquidity Pool.
☘︎ Link Buy ☘︎
⚙️ Contract Address: 0x545Fc3dc9B77983028BEA3854740f169947B6fE8
⚙️ Pancakeswap:
☎︎ Official Links:
⚜️ Website:
⚜️ Telegram:
⚜️ Twitter:
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2021.12.05 20:14 petconart Cold Hands, Warm Hearts - Me, 2021

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2021.12.05 20:14 UraniaArt33 🎁🎁Get yours before they run out and there are only 150 nft Kalamar left!🎁🔥🔥🔥 put down your wallet and join my Discord🤑

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