Why do both heat and cold reduce swelling? Does it matter which I use for which?

2021.12.05 19:54 EntityHuMo Why do both heat and cold reduce swelling? Does it matter which I use for which?

I got stood up on a date, she straight up just never opened my messages even 5 hours later, then I left, and on the way home got into an accident. Popped air bags, car's fucked, the works.
Tough day I guess?
Either way, I'm thankful to be mostly unharmed but I'm bruised in quite a few places. I know heat and cold reduce swelling, but why both? I'd think it'd be one or the other.
Does it matter which i use for which circumstances?
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2021.12.05 19:54 NiaostsMcnaas 🍺Drunk Santa 🎅🏻| %1 Reflections | Next Safe Token | Join Us!

Drunk Santa is a community-driven and decentralized low tax token on Binance Smart Chain that will surely bring you to the moon. Hold $DSANTA in your wallet and watch Your $DSANTA balance grow in every transaction just by holding. Each transaction will deduct a fee to be distributed to holders as reflections, expand our liquidity pool and also marketing wallet.
Drunk Santa team is also working really hard on marketing to make sure this coin goes mainstream!
✅1% Drunk Santa reflections to holders on each transaction
💰3% for marketing wallet
💹3% to liquidity pool that is Burned
✅ ‣ Verified contract: 0x2F3612b924AEa480c66243ba68777461e122f358
🌐 ‣ Website: To be Announced
🐦 ‣ Twitter: To Be Announced
🥞 ‣ Buy on PancakeSwap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x2F3612b924AEa480c66243ba68777461e122f358
🧰 ‣ Total supply : 1,000,000,000,000,000
🔥 ‣ Burnt supply : 50% of our tokens were burned on launch
🔓 Liquidity Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x5c52B932fbEc781DdBA7DCB3EA0cf2F17a49ad8c
🔓 Ownership Renounced: https://bscscan.com/token/0x2F3612b924AEa480c66243ba68777461e122f358
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2021.12.05 19:54 Expensive-Title-1503 Can't Bridge From Ethereum Due to Low Liquidity

I can't approve a staking transaction because I don't have any FTM, and all I have is ETH. I tried spookyswap (not enough liquidty), spiritswap (not enough liquidity), multichain says (invalid balance), Elk Finance (only supports ELK for cross-chain swaps and I don't have ELK), evodefi (only uses USDC/USDT as token when I need FTM), cBridge (insufficient balance), o3swap (can't find the connect button as it's in beta), relaychain (metamask doesn't prompt to approve the transfer), synapse bridge (insufficient DAI balance, don't have DAI), xpollinate (not enough ETH to transfer), and REN (doesn't have FTM).
I have 0.0049 worth of Ethereum and I only need 0.2 FTM. I know there's a place where I can link my address for a small refund, but that's after I bridge and I can't find a DEFI swap/exchange that can help. I could buy more FTM on a centralized exchange but I would have to convert from fiat which means ACH clearances and I would really like to stake now rather than later. If anyone knows where I can get peer-to-peer FTM just like localbitcoins, let me know. I would appreciate it. I'm not buying any more ETH, this is ridiculous..
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2021.12.05 19:54 pacoii Can sidebars be resized?

I see my cursor turn into the resize cursor, but I can't seem to actually resize the sidebars.
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2021.12.05 19:54 Doritose Wtf is British Slander?

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2021.12.05 19:54 Former_Tadpole_6480 WEC - My blue and silver design

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2021.12.05 19:54 Possible_Abrocoma_22 I Went To A Celebrity Dentist To Whiten My Teeth And Here's How Much It Cost, How Much It Hurt, And My Results

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2021.12.05 19:54 Emotional_Ad2518 Bad fps chapter 3

Hi anyone knows why mi PC whit this expects Rx6600XT I5 11gen 16gb ram 260 ssd 1t HDD Gave mi 10 fps in the new chapter. If you know what can I do pls tell me thanks
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2021.12.05 19:54 Possible_Abrocoma_22 Forget "Ho Ho Ho" Because Santa Would "Ha Ha Ha" At These Christmas Fails (I'm Sorry)

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2021.12.05 19:54 Dense_Cranberry_852 X100 xp in Tombs of Kings with Cait.. Finally 😌

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2021.12.05 19:54 Disastrous_Ship_5888 I wanted to see the full air time.

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2021.12.05 19:54 dhmnuts Tool test

I’m currently a welder at a small independent shop and we don’t work with sheet metal often. I have a job interview a couple of weeks out and was curious what I should read up on or common tools regarding the sheet metal trade
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2021.12.05 19:54 Obesekat Care credit for rabbits?

Has anyone gotten care credit for their rabbits? I’m really interested in applying once I get my credit establish which should be in the summer of next year. I really want rabbits or guinea pigs but one thing that worry me are vet bills. I am actually setting aside money every time I get paid specifically for vet bills of my future pets but like I doubt I’ll have 2K in my saving by then and that is just for vet check ups or bunny/guinea pig boarding. But what about emergencies or surgery? I know those can run up $500+ depending on the situation. I have the money to make pmts and I know a little about debt, interest, and apr bc I work at a loan company. I just hate giving up so much money like that and have to start over.
What is your experience with care credit and should I apply? Btw I’m not interested in pet insurance just for the fact I would still need the money and then get reimbursed later which sometimes can be risky.
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2021.12.05 19:54 Dazzling-Thought2146 Ignoring toxic players… found my first one (only ran about 20 dungeons.)

Yeah, he was complaining all dungeon.
“ Are you guys new or something? “
So what if we are? Is being new to a game a bad thing? Personally I picked it back up after 14 years, so I am trying to enjoy it. People who complain sound so bitter. It isn’t a serious fyi, it was a lvl 60 random pug.
He goes on to insult someone for pulling a small group of mobs while following him, then voting to kick the leader (who I had done two previous runs with and was fine, they just left before the vote because what a jerk.)
This guy was BOLTING through the dungeon, and wiped us all and called us out. Not that I miss going quick but know what you can handle.
Nobody else said anything so he was talking to himself.
In the final boss he couldn’t keep the mobs off me well enough before the boss spawned and I died right before. I ressed at a bad time during the fight (he threw a aoe on me) and died instantly. Then he called me useless “fucking” hunter. The priest was nice enough to res me twice to get my loot. I said nothing the whole run except thanks to the priest.
I wonder if these people ever get tired of reading their own complaining that nobody cares to indulge in.
Anyway.. I won’t forget his name, wish you could blacklist matchmaking with people. I’ll try to find a good guild but I’ll still be pugging.
I’m on Area 52 Horde fyi.
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2021.12.05 19:54 Money_Wonder_7538 Something you don't see everyday... (Godzilla Stop motion)

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2021.12.05 19:54 DottyandBearBear Bye bye split ends

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2021.12.05 19:54 Zest_82 Should I watch Macross 7?

I haven't watched anything after Macross II and Macross Plus. I'm not into the whole new idol wave stuff they are doing, but I've heard we get to know more about the Supervision Army in 7, so is it worth watching?
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2021.12.05 19:54 RelaxNatureSounds Make Money Fast UK - InboxPounds Review - Make Money Fast Online UK (Inbox Pounds Hacks)

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2021.12.05 19:54 Vynro Put my consoles directly connected to internet, sanity check me?

Hey guys, I've been pulling my hair out on and off for about a month trying to get both my Xbox Series X and my PS5 to NAT type 1, or "Open NAT".
I've tried tonnes of guides on Reddit, the pfsense forums, YouTube and the like, and can never get NAT to work properly on my consoles. Another thing I noticed is that PlayStation will disconnect me from my voice chats periodically, which is quite annoying.
This brings me to what I've done:
My modem has 4 ports, and the entire mode is in bridge mode, so anything connected to it is exposed directly to the web.
I decided to try plugging the PS5 and Xbox into a bridge port respectively.
I've got perfect NAT settings on both now, (obviously) but I'm wondering about the repercussions of this .
Typically my network goes: Modem > Pfsense > LAN's.
But this setup has my consoles directly connected to the modem.
Should I be worried? I know consoles are usually not a target, or at least not very useful for hacking, but I'm wondering if I should stop this setup immediately. My thought process was even if they got into my consoles, they shouldn't be able to get through my firewall to my servers / home LAN.
How vulnerable are consoles? Is this a bad idea ? And if so, if anyone can point me to even more tutorials I can try to get OPEN NAT on my consoles.
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2021.12.05 19:54 Significant_Ninja_27 Join the Bleach Hentai Discord Server!

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2021.12.05 19:54 CaptainClaws Can't unsee this :)

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2021.12.05 19:54 AbberageRebbitor There’s just something about rats.

Well fuck! I want a pet. Sadly my flat is too small, my income too low, and my will to care for something too… uh… nonexistent. Luckily the pet shop near me has several wonderful options! “Birds and small rodents galore wait at our door!” So I walked into the shop and bought myself something I never wanted, a rat. I used to make fun of one of my mates for having a rat. To piss him off we would say he smelt like rats when he came to school, but we were cocks. Anyhow I needed something to occupy my dreary life other than wanking to my hot coworker, so I brought the fucker home and tidy’d him up real nice. Soon he had a water bottle, a cage, some food, and a rat lover for an owner. But it wasn’t all celery sticks and sugar cubes, no! We had an issue. I had recently discovered a website called “Reddit”. This site contained the answers to most of my sexual frustrations! Incredible! My spite and melancholy slowly faded away as I was lead to pubs night after night using my newfound confidence. My poor rat suffered. Soon enough I could tell he was getting angry. I was neglecting the little fella. I heard about rodent play on this godforsaken place. I thought this activity would bode well for me and my lonely friend. One night, I got a girl drunk enough to try it. My friend was let out of his cage for the first time in weeks! Oh boy the excitement on his cute little snout! I could hear his squeaks! Me and the fine lady were already warmed up. Tickling my friend seemed to do the same for him. At first I let him run about the covers. Scampering around, he eventually found the gateway to the solution of all my life’s issues. She, at first, seemed hesitant to let my friend sniff around. However, I insisted it would do no harm. She obliged to my friend and he quickly made his way through the gateway. She squealed in excitement! I also tried to work my way in but it seemed too tight for a broad fellow like myself. Soon her squealing stopped. She looked at me, tears in her eyes. I stopped what I was doing. My shit eating grin turned sour. She ran, leaving nothing behind but my poor friend, crushed. I picked him up and heard his whimpers one final time. As his life drained away, I knew I had to do something, to avenge my only friend. The very thing that made me change into a better person had died at the hands of some awful fiend! I chased her down the alleyway. I wore nothing but a half tied robe. I saw her running towards a bridge, the moon glistening over her pale white body. Little did she know I ran indoor track and was well suited for the task at hand. I bolted as fast as I could. The slaps of my feet reminded me of the scampering of my dearly departed friend. Invigorated, I yelled to her. She turned swiftly to me, losing her balance and falling over the railing. The splash of her body against the cold water was heard what felt like seconds later. She was surely done for. With that information in mind I quickly ran home hoping to salvage what I had left of my friend. Sadly the neighbors cat got to him first. I never thought that one fateful day at the pet shop would lead my life to the place it is today, but I’m glad it did. For a long time I cried, but now I am happy again. I will always remember my little rat friend.
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2021.12.05 19:54 Lovechildintherain Please don’t support creators who doxx,steal meshes and violate EA TOS

I never make posts like this, but I am so disturbed with what has been going on I feel compelled to.
u/cowbuild aka u/cowwwwwwwww has been using this sub to self promote their cc. Not only do they violate EA TOS by perma paywalling and price gouging the majority of their content. If you don't believe me, I have a comment with citations from lawyers, maxis and simgurus that goes very in depth about how what she is doing without a doubt violates TOS. She denys this by saying EAs lawyers haven't made a statement on the matter lol.
They also have a history of doxxing patrons who they SUSPECT leaked their work. They do this by requiring that their patrons DM them to receive their content so they can put trackers in it and THEY DON'T EVEN DENY IT.
On top of that they steal meshes from second life creators like nutmeg, (who is submitting a DCMA) noel, and even the beloved peacemaker.
When they are called out for their behavior they are incredibly hostile and shame people who can't afford their content. This person honestly has no place in this community, and should stop using this forum like a classified section. If you are a patron of theirs, I strongly suggest you stop supporting them report them to patreon for sharing personal information and infringing on people's intellectual property. If you see them post here please report them for violating rule #4.
This tumblr has several posts that go more indepth about their crimes against the community.
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2021.12.05 19:54 SceneAffectionate904 N'allez jamais chasser dans cette forêt ! 😱 Thread horreur terrifiant

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2021.12.05 19:54 Tato23 Anyone else pilot yaw left break in the recent update?

I legit cannot turn my chopper or jet left with my mouse using the yaw left and right binding. Right it turns just fine, but left? Nope cannot do it.
Anyone else have this issue or maybe know of a fix?
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