Virginia Bell Burlesque Performer of the 1950′s

2021.12.05 20:31 Zennred Virginia Bell Burlesque Performer of the 1950′s

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2021.12.05 20:31 SufficientPlant2617 Just got back into the hobby after 15+ years. Pretty happy about my first pull out of a pokeball tin today!

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2021.12.05 20:31 Hour_Director_6330 How do you defend wizard + witch combo ?

I run an X-bow 3.0 deck or Icebow (depending on meta) with almost all lvl 13 (lvl 12 skeletons and lvl 14 fireball). I have been stuck in the hell pit that is early mid-ladder and finally climbed up to the Masters yet I still keep losing to wizard and witch. How do I counter a wizard/witch behind tank with 3.0 X-bow?
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2021.12.05 20:31 NeinLion Total loss?

Just wanted to see if anyone could give me an idea to whether this would be considered a total loss or not. 2013 Infiniti G37 sedan w/ 110k miles
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2021.12.05 20:31 oldhearthgaming GURITA LUAR ANGKASA | #Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy | PART 16 | #GAM...

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2021.12.05 20:31 badooshskadoosh Marxist explanation for anti-vaxx conspiracies

The Marxist explanation for the continuance of covid is pretty clear. Profit over people led to rich countries hoarding vaccines and poor countries could not vaccinate as much, hence leading to more mutations which inevitable spread globally etc.
But I was wondering, from a Marxist perspective, why people are anti-vaxx? What is the dialectical explanation for believing lies and misinformation spread online or through word of mouth? My guess would have been that poorer people have less trust in the state, but we see that it's not just poor people. In fact we have educated medical professionals believing this! In the UK it's been a whole crisis recently because vaccinations were made mandatory for healthcare workers, but that led to a mass of them quitting and putting more pressure on care homes etc.
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2021.12.05 20:31 DaGuys470 Zeichnen ist eine unglaubliche Gabe

Ich sitze hier gerade so des Abends und ihr glaubt wohl kaum, was mich plagt. Viele von euch haben sicher wichtigere Probleme, aber es ist das eine, was mir gerade immer wieder durch den Kopf schießt. Ich kann mich in vielerlei Hinsicht ausdrücken und meine Ideen mit meinen Freunden und meiner Familie teilen: in Sprache, in Schrift, in Musik ... aber nicht in Bildern.
Ich glaube alle begabten Menschen, die malen und zeichnen können wissen gar nicht, was sie für ein großartiges Geschenk haben. Das weiß man wohl erst, wenn man es nicht besitzt. Es gibt so viele Ideen und so viele Bilder im Kopf, welche man nie jemand anderem übermitteln können wird, wenn man sie nicht zeichnen kann. Klar, man kann sie beschreiben, aber das exakte Bild welches einem vorschwebt, dass werden die Freunde und Bekannten nie zu Gesicht bekommen.
Das kann nur, wer zeichnen kann. Ihr seid die einzigen Personen, die eins zu eins eure unglaublichsten Gedanken mit anderen teilen können. Ich gehöre leider nicht zu den Glücklichen. Ich kann nur Freunde fragen, die zeichnen können und dann scheitert es daran, dass man sich ja nur per Sprache verständigen kann. Man könnte also sagen, alle Menschen, die nicht gut genug zeichnen können, sitzen oftmals auf ihren Gedanken fest. Unsere Gedanken sind manchmal schlichtweg in unserem Kopf eingesperrt.
Ich persönliche bin gerne kreativ unterwegs und ihr glaubt nicht, wie viel ich dafür geben würde, meine Ideen einfach einmal auf Papier bringen zu können und sie nicht nur immer zu beschreiben. So viel dazu. Ich entlasse euch einmal (in den nun doch schon sehr späten) Sonntagabend. Ich musste das nur einmal rauslassen. All ihr Zeichner habt ein unglaubliches Talent und dessen solltet ihr euch jederzeit bewusst sein.
Loblied Ende
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2021.12.05 20:31 NobodysToast test
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2021.12.05 20:31 Cayman820 What if your game settings resetting every time - SOLUTION

Ok, so I am really annoyed by this situation, where you launch your battlefield 2042 and you realize, your game settings are again reset to deafult, and you need to set everything again - from hitmarkers color to controls... and watch this shitty tutorial again... that is unskippable (excuse me dice why??).
I've looked through almost 10 topics and forum posts about this problem, and there were only 2 types of answers: to turn Windows ransomware protection off and gamefile changes or replacement or whatever.
I want to say a couple of word about that ransomware protection... it is absolutely, complete rotten garbage. Its function - to prevent changes in your documents folder. This means: if any settings file of any game is stored in documents folder - any game will always launch with default settings, no matter what changes you will do in game settings. Idk how, but some people have it turned on, and this may really cause settings reset issue. BUT. I have it turned off, and the issue continued to occur. So lets talk about SOLUTION.
THE SOLUTION (probably) IS:

  1. Disable your windows ransomware protection (if it is activated, if it isnt - very nice, skip this step). Go to "Windows Security", click on "Virus & threat protection", scroll down and click on Manage ransomware protection", toggle "Controlled folder access off". Thats it for the first part. And NEVER turn it on again.
  2. Now for the actual solution: I discovered it randomly, but it is suprisingly simple and works for me well. So you need to go to your Documents -> Battlefield 2042 -> settings and there you will see 2 files - PROFSAFE and PROFSAFE - profile. The first is the defaults, the second is your settings. All you need is to right click on the PROFSAFE - profile and tick the "Read Only" box. Thats it. It will prevent your settings file from changing and the game will always launch with needed settings.
  3. Need to mention one thing, every new patch the game recieves, these files overwrite too, so every patch you need to set your settings "Read Only"
I hope this will work for everyone, AND ALSO I HOPE DICE WILL FIND A WAY TO FIX THIS Have a nice day everyone
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2021.12.05 20:31 P1NT3RUR Well well well

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2021.12.05 20:31 KvillaSkeez (PS5) (Demon Souls) (NG+) Flamelurker boss help

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2021.12.05 20:31 oDukeOfCaxias I don't like Africa and most or Asia

Is it only me? Everytime I play in Africa or most of Asia I have to create a custom character to change his culture, so I will have the feudal sistem instead of clans, that I do not like to play as
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2021.12.05 20:31 locomer my title hopes almost took a massive hit

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2021.12.05 20:31 stellasredditaccount 🌺YESSTYLE REWARDS CODE: STELLA20 🌺

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2021.12.05 20:31 lulzForMoney Samsung Potentials for took chip making industry over TSMC, how realistic is it?

First of all ,I am rockie here and my english isn't good ,but I still find reddit best place to ask following questions.
Over potential threats that China could invide Taiwan , the closest chip maker of tsmc is Samsung.
Also recent years china has recruited a lot of specialists from tsmc.
Over other factors my I have some questions
1.How big a chance that corporations and other companies will move to Korea?

  1. Is Samsung 40billion dollars investment in 3nn and 2nn node will make solid or even take over tsmc?
  2. How Samsung investments in chip production to US estimating 20 billion dollar will change market in future?
  3. How is it going to affect China and Korea economy?
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2021.12.05 20:31 oldhearthgaming GURITA LUAR ANGKASA | #Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy | PART 16 | #GAM...

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2021.12.05 20:31 jelleu Just bought for 68k credits, please don't screenshot

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2021.12.05 20:31 Gwynbleidd_1988 Gwent is not done but it is diminished.

Someone on another thread used “bittersweet” to describe how he felt about the stream and I 100% agree. There were definitely some good news, I’m very excited about this upcoming card drop and the fact that revitalizing old archetypes and cards is the big focus of this year. I’m also very VERY excited about Project Nekker, whatever that will entail.
But I cannot shake this terrible feeling that this is it. Not the end of course but a diminishing. Slama is now gone (not a diss to the awesome Vlad!), only ONE new Journey planned, only one full expansion, no new features in the game, less tournaments, etc.
Specifically less Journeys is what I find scariest, I mean that was such a good way to monetize the game and even that seems to be getting abandoned. If one of their major sources of monetization is being downsized this much, I find it hard to be optimistic about anything else I’ve never been a doomer but I cannot understand how any player could see ANY of these diminishments as a good thing.
To be honest can live with Gwent just consisting of simple new Journeys and frequent albeit smaller card drops every 3-4 months or so but I find it ominous like it’s the beginning of the decline. I guess I’m just ranting at this point so I’ll end it here. I know one day the game will be gone but I just don’t want the game to just fizzle out just yet and I know you reading this don’t want it either. Not gonna lie, I’m a bit down at the moment.
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2021.12.05 20:31 underpaidorphan Halo 3 vs Halo Infinite (Deja Vu)

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2021.12.05 20:31 botuser101 Woo token vesting unlock schedule

Hey there,
Where can I find actual information about the vesting unlock of woo token? No charts, actual numbers that can be used for accurate calculations.
With kind regards,
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2021.12.05 20:31 CitaLV Hi everyone! My dad's e83 SD, shows around 17-20l/100km, the weird thing is each time he starts the engine it jumps +0.4, on a warm engine it shows 10.5l/100km on a straight road 1500rpm (55kph flat road), it's too much isn't it, test 20 is blank for some reason... Any advice?

Hi everyone! My dad's e83 SD, shows around 17-20l/100km, the weird thing is each time he starts the engine it jumps +0.4, on a warm engine it shows 10.5l/100km on a straight road 1500rpm (55kph flat road), it's too much isn't it, test 20 is blank for some reason... Any advice? submitted by CitaLV to BMW [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 20:31 clarencecavill So...running an SPR suppressed

I have left over 16 inch barrel and rails from an SPR that I had LWRC swap a 10.5 onto.
I want to see if they will take the rails and barrel and put them on an upper for me, if they will, should I inquire about adjustable gas block for it? I have one on the 10.5 and its great, but research on forums is giving me mixed answers on running the SPRs suppressed with only buffer changes.
I plan to run the SPR suppressed 90% of the time.
anybody got experience here running the SPRs suppressed? Should I just get them to throw the adjustable gas block on there
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2021.12.05 20:31 UnculturedTeaPot ELI5: With normal money the government guarantees what's it's worth, with crypto on the other hand it's basically what people are willing to pay for it at that moment, how can that be a sustainable and stable replacement?

For example, on the british pound bill it says "I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of ten pounds" by the Bank Of England (used a 10£ bill for an example).
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2021.12.05 20:31 geofox777 Anyone have a clip of when Jim Norton made fun of Carrie Underwood’s song ‘Before He Cheats”?

I think it was in a Jocktober episode
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2021.12.05 20:31 Nblearchangel How do you judge which removal spells are appropriate for your cube?

Based on my “first cut” and what I’ve reserved for my 540 card cube so far, I feel like the creatures are all very efficient. Every color has aggressive one drops and tbh I probably need to go through another time and bring in a few walls or creatures for controlling decks.
Based on the question, it feels like I’ll want very efficient removal. Swords, lightning bolt, sweepers, etc. so far I have 3-4 sweepers just in white, another 3 -4 in red, and if someone said that’s a bit much I might be inclined to agree.
But, how do you know what’s an appropriate power level for the removal suite?
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