Am I [28F] a jerk for calling an older man a predator and blocking him?

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2021.12.05 20:52 balletodette Am I [28F] a jerk for calling an older man a predator and blocking him?

I [28F] went out with a guy [36-37M] on two dates.
The first date, we went to a pretty exclusive social club that costs $5,000 to be a member of. I wasn’t aware of this before the date. On it, we had a good conversation, and he kept trying to get me to drink. I didn’t think much of it, but, by the end, I’d had five drinks because he kept motioning to the waiter to order more (way more than I would normally have, especially on a first date.)
We walk back to my car and I am trashed. Like, I don’t feel safe driving. He makes out with me for several hours, and wants me to go back to his place. I say no, then call an Uber back to my house.
He is really obsessed with me and wants to go out again. I go on a second date. I’m way more cautious with alcohol and do not let him order me drinks, but I still have THREE (by his encouragement.) He tries to put his jacket on me several times, and I keep saying no, and then he does anyway.
We go back to his apartment, and the lack of food and surplus of alcohol makes me feel extremely dizzy and unwell. I tell him I am drunk. He starts making out with me and tries to perform oral sex on me, which I say no to. I am feeling stressed and upset.
Just as a note, for some lucky reason, even if I have had six drinks (that’s the most I’ve ever had in my life) and feel like everything is spinning, I am still able to look someone dead in the eye and clearly say “I am too drunk to consent and moving further is rape and I will report you to the police.” It’s super weird, but it’s stopped all misbehavior, as I sound so serious.
So I tell him “I am too drunk to consent,” and he kind of stops. I tell him I want to go home. He says I should sleep over. I now feel concerned something will happen to me if I fall asleep, so I call an Uber. He’s not happy with this.
When I go home, the next morning, I send him a long message detailing the number of things he forced on me and how, if we had had sex, that that would have been assault. I tell him that I think he tries to get girls drunk so he can sleep with them. Then I say that, at his age, he should know better.
I blocked him so I wouldn’t have to read his response, and it made me feel better. One of my friends told me that I was a jerk for doing that, and that I should have at least left communication lines open so he could learn more from me.
AITA for blocking him?
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2021.12.05 20:52 Alive-Move14 Divorced but 💯available for new Cubs😏 I’m looking for a young age I’m okay financially I’ll take care your responsibilities

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2021.12.05 20:52 only_the_office I’m bored, comment your favorite book and I’ll summarize the plot even if I’ve never read it.

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2021.12.05 20:52 sanitarypunk Any advice, general or specific? I'd like to look less sickly

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2021.12.05 20:52 ___Angel Who are the top 5 male and female players of all time according to you?

My list

  1. Rod Laver - A no-brainer for me. Although Rosewall won more Slams in their era, Laver is widely recognized as the greater player. He won 19 Slams (20 if you count the 1967 Wimbledon pro), won the Calendar Grand Slam THREE times - in 1962 and 1969 at the Grand Slams and in 1967 in the Pro majors. Out of only 4 instances in which someone won all 4 of the biggest events in a single year in the mens game, Laver managed to do it THREE times. In addition to that, he also has the record for most weeks at #1 with 374, 7 YE #1, 200 titles and he dominated all of his rivals.
  2. Federer - The player with the highest peak in the history of the game and the most complete and aesthetically pleasing game. He is the literal embodiment of tennis itself. But apart from that, he absolutely smashed every important open era record that was placed before him, something none of his younger rivals were able to achieve. He raised the bar so ridiculously high and competed against not one but TWO younger ATGs.
  3. Rosewall - His 23 Slams is what puts him in the top 3 of all time on my list, even if he won a significant portion of them after his rivals retired. Rosewall won 15 Pro majors, more than anyone and competed in one of the most competitive eras of tennis. He was also a top 10 players for nearly 25 years.
  4. Nadal - the clay GOAT and his record on clay may perhaps stand the test of time forever. 13 French Open titles, 10+ titles in 4 different clay tournaments, 81 consecutive wins on clay, etc. He also has a winning record over his rivals in Slams and an Olympic gold medal.
  5. Pancho Gonzales - Won the equivalent of 17 Slams with his 14 pro majors and 3 ToCs which were effectively the World Cup of tennis back in the day. He also won 111 titles and nearly 1400 matches, was ranked #1 for 368 weeks and amassed 7 YE #1 titles.
Honorable mention: Novak Djokovic - Djokovic has a lot of great stats such as being tied with Laver, Federer and Nadal for the second most Slams all time, being the first player since Laver to win all of the Slams twice and a winning record over his rivals. I thought about putting him in the top 5, however when you consider the fact that he only won 12 Slams in his 20s (less than someone like Sampras for example) and won nearly half of his Slams in the weakest era ever of mens tennis where his main rivals declined or got injured and the rest of his competition wasn’t able to produce a single multiple Slam champion. Moreover, although he is often credited as being the mentally strongest of the big 3, he more often than not falters in the most important moments as evidenced by his straight set defeat to Medvedev at the USO ending his CYGS run and his fiascos at the Olympics in 2008, 2012, 2016 AND 2020.
  1. Steffi Graf - the most dominant tennis player of all time! Steffi won 22 of 54 Slams she contested in and won 21 by the age of 27! She won all 22 of her Slams in a period of only 12 years. Moreover, Steffi is the only player in history to win the Golden Calendar Slam in 1988, only player in history with FIVE 3+ Slam seasons, only player in history with 377 weeks at #1, only player in history with 8 YE #1, only player in history to win all of the Slams 4 times, only player in history to win 6 Slams on all surfaces. She also had the highest peak ever, having a 305-11 record between 1987 and 1990, a period in which she won 9 of 12 Slams at point, including 13 consecutive GS finals.
  2. Martina Navratilova- Martina was absolutely revolutionary and arguably the most complete female tennis player of all time, as evidenced by the fact that in addition to her 18 singles Slams she also won 31 doubles Slams and 10 mixed doubles as well. She was also able to have a competitive rivalry with a peak Graf while being 13 years older than her.
  3. Margaret Court - She has the most insane stats out of anyone who has played the game. 24 singles Slams, 64 Slams in total, a CYGS in 1970, 192 titles and the only player in history with a 92% win record. However, the majority of her AO wins came against a weaker field and the fact that she only won Wimbledon 3 times is not enough to put her at #1.
  4. Chris Evert - the most consistent player ever. Out of the 56 Slams she played, she made at least the SF of 52 of them. In fact, throughout her career, she managed to reach the SF of 90% of tournaments she entered which is insane. She is the clay GOAT with a 125 consecutive match win streak on clay, 70 clay titles and 7 RG titles. She also has a 90% win record.
  5. Serena Williams - Serena doesn’t have any major all time records, but is very strong in several categories such as being #2 on the all time Slam list, #3 in weeks at #1, winning 3 Slams on all surfaces, having a triple Career Slam, etc. She absolutely dominated her rivals, but like Djokovic, benefited the most from a weaker era, winning 10 Slams well into her 30s. Still, her incredible longevity paired with her high Slam count is enough to put her into the top 5 ATGs.
Honorable mention: Hellen Wills-Moody- She won 19 of the 24 Slams she competed in and won Wimbledon 8 times. She holds the unofficial record for most year end #1s with 9 (before the consensus and computer rankings) and she won 92% of her matches. It was a toss-up who to place in the top 5 between her and Serena, but Serena edged her out.
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2021.12.05 20:52 NFT_DigitalArt When you drop your wallet on my work, and expect me to just send it to you without so much as a like on the post, you’re getting this NFT instead [X-post from /r/opensea]

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2021.12.05 20:52 Serrassi Random disconnects in expedition.

I started a new run of nioh 2 this week with a friend and I've been encountering random disconnections while we play together. I don't think it's my internet since voice chat doesn't break at all but I get kicked back to single player. It's not unplayable, but it happens once or twice every time we play.
I'm on ps5 with the remastered and my friend is on ps4.
Any idea why that's happening or how to fix it? I played with a different friend who was on ps4 when the remaster came out and didn't have any DC issues back then.
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2021.12.05 20:52 PurringKat91 [sell] [us] Get Centred Crop Hoodie size 8 $75 plus shipping grey sage

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2021.12.05 20:52 TravisWWE12 Rhea Ripley

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2021.12.05 20:52 WhiteCrow7661 Mark’s strength theory

I’ve only watched the animated series and, after seeing it multiple times, i have a thought
I think that mark gets stronger every time he gets beaten
His powers awaken on the same day that he get beaten up a bit
And after that we understand that he’s very weak compared to other characters
And after multiple beatings, he get stronger and stronger to the point that omni man couldn’t defeat him completely unharmed
What do you all think about it? Srry if my English is bad, it isn’t my native language.
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2021.12.05 20:52 MarshmallowMan71 How can i make a spawn egg of a mob riding a mob?

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2021.12.05 20:52 AceOfWildCards What has overthinking a situation cost you?

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2021.12.05 20:52 DumbledoresGay69 Can I save this tub for a second flush?

I didn't realize mushrooms would grow underneath the dirt. By the time I saw them, in Tub A they already started getting mushy and gross. I picked the mushrooms off the top and threw the bin out. Are these mushrooms safe to eat? Some had like white powder on the caps.
Tub B also had mushrooms on the bottom. They were in better shape, but I had to rip up the mycelium to get them out. I smushed the dirt back as best I could. Will this tub recover for a second flush or should I also trash it?
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2021.12.05 20:52 kylenowski Fender P Bass Giveaway (No rules, that I can find) US 18+ 3 Months left. (No rules)

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2021.12.05 20:52 Due-Abrocoma1436 Question about sapiens medicine videos

Can they be downloaded into audio formar? Would they lose their properties if done so?
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2021.12.05 20:52 XanderBlackflame What are some mysteries or conspiracies you would really like to see solved before you die?

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