Animal-Human hybrid baby born to Arizona couple. Read why masses of people are traveling to Tuscon to see the newborn baby.

2021.10.24 00:52 a15minutestory Animal-Human hybrid baby born to Arizona couple. Read why masses of people are traveling to Tuscon to see the newborn baby.

It was early in the morning when the Apple News alert flashed across my phone. I had only just opened my eyes maybe thirty seconds or so before I read what was undoubtedly the most unnerving headline I'd ever seen in my thirty-four years.
Animal-Human hybrid baby born to Arizona couple. Read why masses of people are traveling to Tuscon to see the newborn baby.
I blinked hard twice, rubbed my eyes, and then finally sat up and reached for my glasses. I couldn't possibly have read that correctly. I read the headline very slowly, stopping on each individual word before a text alert appeared underneath the headline. It was my younger brother.

Joe Apparently some couple a state over had a bull-baby. Is this real? I can always count on you to debunk stuff for me.
I folded my pillow and placed it behind me as I leaned against the headboard and opened the full article. An unsettling picture of the creature sat at the top of the page with bold white lettering that read, "The Birth Everyone is Talking About." I couldn't for one second believe such a thing really existed. It had the body of a baby, but the head of a bull– like something out of ancient mythology, but right now and on my screen. I scrolled down the page with my finger and started reading.
It all started when Cathy Walker made local headlines for carrying what many considered to be the most deformed unborn baby to ever appear on an ultrasound. Doctors were initially miffed about the baby's condition, having never seen anything like it before. The child appeared to have an almost bovine head structure, but ultrasounds were only able to glean so much information. The news went from local to statewide after Cathy's pregnancy passed the twelve-month mark; a contender for the longest ever term since Beulah Hunter have birth after 375 days of pregnancy in 1945! Efforts to induce childbirth were completely in vain, and the pain was keeping Cathy from sleeping at night, which doctors warned could have permanent effects on her mind should the sleep deprivation continue or worsen.
The news went from statewide to worldwide early Sunday morning on the 26th of September when the baby first emerged into the world as what biologists are calling the first of its species. The baby arrived in complete silence, and at first the medical professionals present thought perhaps the child hadn't survived its very extreme condition. However within moments, the baby (which the couple named Enys) opened his eyes and looked around the room in a shocking display that had all who bore witness completely captivated.
"He opened his eyes (and) stared around at all of us in a moment that I'll just never forget," said Rita Gonzalez, one of the many nurses in the room. "I couldn't believe what I was seeing," Rita went on. "We couldn't make sense of (it), I mean how could this kind of thing happen? We're still completely confused, and kind of scared too."
Doctor Hapsberg refuted Rita's statement.
"I don't think any of us are scared. I don't think scared is the correct word. While I cannot speak for any of our staff, I can certainly surmise by the social climate of the hospital that we are all, if nothing else, wildly curious."
The staff at Cliffburn Medical weren't the only professionals who were curious. Within an hour after the birth was publicized, government agents in black suits touched down on the helipad atop the hospital. Reporters, including our own Heather Lee, were ordered to leave the property as more government vehicles arrived at the scene. The action outside the hospital was captured by Lee.
"The entire town seems to be in the streets outside of the hospital, likely hoping to catch a glimpse of baby Enys. The mood out here is mainly one of curiosity, but that's not what surprised me. What I wasn't expecting were for people to so quickly come to revere Enys as some sort of god. A religion is already springing up before our very eyes here outside the hospital."
"We're witnessing a miracle of God," said Courtney Silvers. "My whole family is here to witness our new savior in the flesh."
"It's incredible," said Marshal Silvers. "To think we would see one of God's miracles in our lifetime. (It's) truly unbelievable, we're very blessed."
Others that Lee interviewed were not so passionate.
"That thing is the antichrist," contended Leon Jones, who was on the scene in protest. "I know the devil when I see him."
"They need to put that thing down now," said Christina Swartz. "I'm amazed at how many people are here to worship that thing. It's a travesty."
Joe Mom is packing her things to go see it. I think I'm gonna go with her. You want to come?
I tapped the notification and sat there with my cursor blinking in the text box. This couldn't possibly be real, could it? I spent the next few minutes googling to try to debunk the story as some kind of hoax, but couldn't find anything. I opened Reddit to find it at the top of Worldnews. It seemed the thread was still fairly new, and the commenters seemed to be there for the same reason I was.
I let out a frustrated sigh and called my mom. She picked up almost immediately.
"Hey hun. You see the news?"
"Yeah... Mom, I don't think it's real."
"No, it was all over Good Morning America! Josh, this is biblical!"
"How do you know it's not the antichrist or something?" I asked as I put her on speaker and started getting dressed.
"The antichrist is supposed to be extremely attractive and charming, and he's supposed to rise in the east," she countered. "This is something else."
"Are you and Joe really going?" I asked. "I know it's only a state over, but Texas is a really big state."
"We're going to take turns driving," she responded. "Your dad doesn't want to go, but I'm willing to bet that if you say you're going, he'll come along."
I sighed again as I leaned on my dresser and looked up at the ceiling.
"Ma... I don't know. I mean, what do you expect to see?"
"Everyone is going, Josh, you're going to want to be a part of this. I tried to book a flight but all the airports are slammed all over the country. This is going to be possibly the largest gathering of people in U.S. history."
"Sounds like a super-spreader event to me," I said as I pulled a shirt over my head.
"We're all vaccinated, we'll be fine. Wear a mask if it makes you feel comfortable."
"We've been over this, mom. The mask protects others, not yourself."
"Are you coming or not?" She ignored me.
I remained quiet as I contemplated.
"Text me if you want to come, I've got to pack. I got a room so we can stay the night over there. You might have to sleep on the pull out sofa if you come."
"Alright," I said as I made my way toward the bathroom. "I'll let you know."
"Love ya."
"Love you too."
I couldn't believe it. My phone started blowing up. I couldn't respond fast enough.
Kyle Dude, are you seeing this shit? Wtf 2021?
"What the hell dude. I still can't decide whether or not I believe it."
Dad Hey, son. You going with your mom?
"Don't know yet. I'll let you know."
Babe <3 Are you up yet? Turn on the news. This is blowing my mind.
"Just got off the phone with my mom. Her and Joe are going. When are you off?"
Harrison so i geyess satin was born today.
"The most evil fabric of them all. I might be going to Arizona with my family, so we might have to postpone our hangout. Sorry dude."
I looked at myself in the mirror and kept playing my mom's words over and over in my head. This really could be the largest gathering of people in our nation. Just to say I was there when it all happened. I always wished I'd been able to see crazy moments in history.
Well, here it was. Something of potentially biblical importance.
I opened the Youtube app on my phone and clicked on the first video I saw– an on the scene report by ABC. I let it play while I brushed my teeth.
It was no joke.
It was no hoax.
Enys was here.
And I felt in my gut that he was about to change the world as we knew it.
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Ray-Ban Facebook Stories is the first generation of the smartwatch category with frames featuring dual front cameras for capturing videos and photos.
It syncs with the accompanying camera roll, an app called facebook view where clips can be edited and shared with other apps on your phone.
Not just your Facebook app, there's a physical button on the glasses to record or you can say hi Facebook Take a video to it's hands-free control, with the built-in 5MP dual camera.
Now you can capture life's moments as they happen from a unique first person perspective.
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this is the week i dread the most bcos all the subjects are my weakest . they weren't my weakest initially but slowly all went downhill from an A1 to a C6 or even F9 lmfao idk what to do anym i wnted to skip the paper tmr but i'hv work so hard for everyth since day 1 and ik its a pity to give up now . moreover , idw to dissappoint my teacher who have put in sm effort into helping me , much more as compared to my peers ard me , i just want to make him proud for once even though he says that he will be proud of me despite the results but that makes it worse bcos i feel so shit abt how i cnnt do anyth to improve my grades . my tys is barely untouched for amath bcos everytime i pick it up , i just feel more demoralise and yes i cannot even do tys standard LOL at this rate i just wanna end everyth at once . anyways i know ranting here won't solve anyth anyws , but if u hv read until here , thankyou so much and sorry for wasting ur time . jiayou <3
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